Closing your mouth with ducktape,
    Letting no words excape,
    Fear so thick it stops you breath,
    Sitting there wishing for death,
    Blasting the mucic to drown out the screams,
    Tears running down your cheeks like streams,
    Closing your eyes dreaming,
    Dreaming of a world where you aint just a thing,
    Walls covered with what you lost,
    You lived but at what cost?
    Eyes ringed in black from lack of sleep,
    Every night you weep,
    Eaten up inside,
    All you do is hide,
    Hide from the life they created,
    The life you hated,
    Scared that you even cared,
    Those emotions you should of shared,
    You ran out of time,
    Now your surrounded by crime,
    A thud brings you back to reality,
    Where your just another causality,
    A bang bang at your door,
    Has you flat on the floor,
    In the doorway stands death,
    You wait to die holding your breath,
    The cyth comes down,
    And you say goodbye too all the pain you carried aroun.