• I'm just another mistake that I bet you wish you could take back.
    Buying in to needless lights, I'm just not like that.
    But how would you know? Do you believe in taking chances?
    No, then just take pills. I already did.
    Whats is with the all black? Don't change it,
    you already fit that part.
    Do you believe in gambling when it comes to breaking hearts?

    Bridge-We haven't even started the first round of this fight.
    5,4,3,2,1 and now we're live.

    Chorus-I can't help that I'm a pessimist in the best situations.
    The only optimistic thoughts I have are those of you in a black dress.
    Locking eyes will have to wait so you can put a name with my face.
    Can't you see I'm just a note on chemistry.

    Say that you would need me to change.
    I won't at least not for today( or at least until you come around)
    Painting my heart gold so it would be worth a little more.
    I don't care as long as you're there( in my ears)
    Don't change just for me or take I'll take a picture to remember how you were.
    So original and sensational. Just waiting on the world to catch up with you.
    I'll be waiting forever.

    Sharing more than interests at least in my mind.
    God can't help he made you one of a kind.
    You could be my last chance at something like a normal life.
    I'm not going to let another moment pass us by.
    and 5,4,3,2,1, we're now live.