• I made a solemn promise to you:
    To be your lover when you need love
    You doctor when you’re ill
    Your army when you go to war
    Your umbrella when life rains down on you
    Your rock when you get wary
    Your shield when you need defense
    Your spirit when you’re drained
    Your pillow when you need rest
    Your voice when no one can hear you
    Your ear when no one will listen
    Your comfort when you feel pain
    Your sunshine when darkness falls
    Your inspiration to over come obstacles
    Your hand to hold when you’re frightened
    Your kiss each and every day
    And your ‘I love you’ each and every night
    I am yours….
    Or not………
    The moment I needed you the most
    To brighten up my day
    Tell me everything would be okay
    You simply turned away
    Without a reason
    And you don’t have to even breathe
    I always opened up my door for you
    When I was dieing on my knees
    Or simply begging you not to leave
    I let you come into my life
    Without putting up a fight
    There were some complications, and obstacles
    But you were able to pull through
    The day you walked away
    Tears began to fall
    I didn’t do anything wrong
    You watched me collapse
    And there was no one for me to call
    After everything you’ve said
    All the promises you’ve made
    Were broken in a heartbeat
    Leaving me to bleed
    Struggling to breathe
    There was nothing left of me
    This is what you did to me
    After you’ve gained my trust
    I guess I’m a fool
    For believing in you
    But now I must live with these wounds
    Scramble up what’s left
    Carry on
    Be strong
    As if nothing is wrong...