• She sits on the car and stares into space
    He thinks of talking but she starts to speak
    Says she's thinking of falling out there
    And he stays quiet, cause she's just so tired

    After all the distance and dreamless nights,
    She looks at him and says Please
    He can't leave because she's fighting just to be
    The hunger is like her heroine, she can't give it up
    She runs her fingers over the valleys between her ribs
    Hooks her thumbs in the dents above her pelvis,
    Takes pleasure that she can

    He's starting to fade
    Because she's starting to lie awake
    And nobody knows the thoughts
    Of the only person alive at night
    And she's just so tired

    Fighting the impulse to purge her wrongs
    Every bite is one more guilt, her personal sins
    And she stares into space,
    Forever uninterrupted.