• Everyday i wake up and i think to myself...
    "why are people so complicated, Why are they so demanding sometimes, Why..."
    Everywhere i turn theres someone quitting. Sometimes goodbye is a second chance but a second chance over a friend saying goodbye forever is no contest. People shouldnt always get sencond chances. and i know i shouldnt get one. i mess everything up and i know i ruin everything but im going to have to live with that if it means saving a good friend. Second chances with love, second chances with life, second chances with everything...theyre all better when you have a right hand man with you and your PIC standing there at your side. but when your alone you have nothing. Everything is happening so quickly, so Hard, so fast and nobody can stop it. Peopel are Poeple and they make their own decisions based on the things around them. People just need to make good choices and live with what you have. nothing lasts forever and i need to move on but maybe some others dont. if your in love you dont seperate that just because a friend is feeling down. if you can break "love" up with a snap of a finger like that....was it meant to be??
    everything changes and people move on. and its time for me to move on.