• Halloween night 1963
    In Haddonfield Illenois there would be
    A gruesome case of sibling rivalry
    Beetween kids in the myers family
    Micheal a six year old lesurely
    walked into his sisters room silently
    And butchered her body so violently
    he left for a mental facility
    and when the state hospital deputy
    relaxed the maximum security
    and micheal would stop waiting patiantly
    for another chance at a murder spree
    his doctor Sam Loomis tried legally
    to put him away for eternity
    said "my patient has no humanity"
    but others did not exactly agree
    they said "micheal was the epitome of the ideal patients activity
    no crying no talking no moving
    he would just sit and stare abscent mindedly
    yet 15 years later he wandered free
    by breaking free from his captivity
    Now all he had lef to do was to flee
    Back to his old peaceful community
    when his house was sold by strode realty
    his sister became inevitebly
    a subject of all his hostility
    A true Micheal Myers authority
    Who has the uncanny proclivety
    to suffer no serious injury
    While friends who are in her vicinity
    Without fail they will become a casualty
    They fall victim to his insanity
    The're strangled and mangled creatively
    the're grabbed and then stabbed hard repeatedly
    The're decapitated so easily
    You'd think He'd get bored from monotiny
    he stil kills each one individually
    employing equal oppertunity
    for quality versus more quantity
    He'd re-live a childhood memory
    to the fullest of his own ability
    but there wouldent be much deficklety
    since he seems to have no mortality
    or reason or conciance entirley
    devoid of any personality
    his sense of life and death and good and evil seemed extremely rudementery
    the boogie-man's responsibility
    is to maintain the noteriety
    as death as an immpossiblity
    would fade slowly into obscurity
    but you are one miracle prodegy
    you've given this killer the third degree
    you vanquished the evil amazingly
    ignored all your bothersome OCD
    to check up on his heart accordingly
    so while he is lying there liflessly
    while you are still breathing so heavily
    you sit there and thank god that finally
    "its over its done with" and luckily
    you planned each potential contingency
    you blinded his eyes temporerally
    you drove that knife through his chest cavity
    you shot him in every extremety
    you forced him right off of the balcony
    the'res no way in hell that he'd possibley
    get up and walk right off your property!
    that stuff only happens on the T.V.
    so you'll be safe in police custody
    he'll quickely make a positive I.D
    of micheals cold twisted annatomy
    you'll gain all the neighbourhood's sympathy
    and after a good deal of therapy
    you'll be back in touch with reality
    and understand why philisophically
    the apple does not fall far from the tree
    when creating our own worst enemy