• walk into that door,
    seeing something i cant ignore,
    all these clothes on the floor,
    excited to see if my baby wanted more,
    but then i saw something that destroyed me to the core,
    something that i didnt have instore,
    i should have never opened that door.

    so ill be walking now ill let u be,
    so go fly and go be free,
    cause u seen the best of me,
    and i guess i wasnt enough,
    but now i called ur bluff,
    so now i empty the closet with all ur stuff,
    cause out that door goes you and all of my trust,
    you ended it all for lust,

    cause ill seal these lips so i dont speak your name,
    i wont point the finger cause you know who is to blame,
    ill cover my eyes so i cant find a girl like you again,
    cause i didnt just lose you, i lost my best friend,
    you moved me in a way that i cant ever bend,
    no one loves a cheater is the message that i send,
    cause i never thought my love for you would ever end.

    i never thought that u would go so low,
    so here u go you had your show,
    somethings you did i will never know,
    but through this i will just grow,
    cause all i can do is go with a beat with a flow,
    but now its time for you to go.