• There's a note that wants to be sung
    There's a bell that longs to be rung
    There's a hole that needs to be filled
    But there's a dream that's just been killed

    And now no one will play again
    And now no one will sing(dum)
    No cloud in the world will shape again
    Into that mystical king(dum)

    Oh, but here's a hope to be had
    Yes, here's a silver smile
    Though the sun has left its horse so high
    The moon shall watch the dark-lit sky
    And the stars shall be her all-seeing eyes
    Spinning webs to catch the lies
    And spinning tales to dazzle the minds
    To keep the children of earth alive
    (Though, to this, I must reply:
    You want us breathing, I wonder why)
    Take the time to push them on
    Feed them wishes to make them "strong"
    And protect their eyes when it appears
    That Reality is drawing near
    Ready to reveal your bed-time stories
    As less than promises of fame and glory
    Ready to fill your victim's thoughts
    With the entirety of your plot
    Putting an end to your well-crafted scheme
    And bringing the world out of the dream
    That you had them believing was truth