• I sit here wondering why it all
    Has failed us, for, though predictable,
    We have only hope and prayer
    To save us all from great despair.
    Is it enough? I think not,
    But we will see later in the plot,
    For we grow tired of running, and now must hide,
    Waiting for this horror to finally subside,
    And I wonder what happened, what threw the world away,
    But there is no time for, ?what,? and, ?why?.
    If we stay, then we will die,
    Die from that which follows.

    The time is near, and we must plan
    A way to escape, but the question is can
    We find a way to make an escape?
    For there are no scissors to cut the tape
    That holds the new building away from the public
    And access is forbidden, so we just watch the clock tick
    And wait to see the direction the wind blows.