• As you, a delicate being,
    Falls apart, all I'm seeing
    Is someone so important to me fleeing,
    Fleeing from the fact that you could be
    Something so much more...
    You're so amazing, a dazzling star in the night sky,
    Falling, falling, you keep falling, although you try,
    Try to stay up and be strong but when,
    When you see her face again and again,
    I know it's difficult to stay strong,
    But if you think you're useless, you're wrong,
    Because even though you must feel darker than night,
    You brighten my day, fill it with light,
    You do help to heal my heart's rips and tears,
    Even though life's not as great as you want it to be...
    So if you ever feel unloved or like nobody cares...
    Then you obviously forgot about me...