• What is this feeling?
    This coldness in the air?
    All I see is white
    Where am I?

    I’m Lost
    But where?
    I hear a voice
    But it’s so faint

    ‘Who are you?’
    Is that what it’s saying?
    For some reason
    I don’t know the answer

    What happened?
    I see pictures fly by
    But I don’t know what they are
    Are they memories?

    ‘Why are you here?’
    The voice is getting louder
    Why am I here?
    I’m not sure

    I remember nothing
    Not my name
    Not my looks
    Not my likes

    Who am I?
    Where am I?
    Why am I here?
    What happened?

    What is that in the distance?
    A sign?
    It is!

    How can that be?
    I am here aren’t I?
    So how can I be no where?
    Am I lost forever?
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