• I wanna hold your hand,to know your with me by my side.
    I wanna hug you like nothing is in our way the whole time.
    wisper in your ear saying i love you.
    Being in your arms when im down.
    I wanna be with you as much as i can.
    But everything finds a way to pull us apart.
    whatever you do, dont let me go.
    I cant let you see me when you leave me.
    my hands would attach to your shirt with eyes of fear.
    It feels like a dream that i see you fading away.
    I need you, dont leave me.
    I love you.....
    I realize im not alive.
    Ive been dead for awhile without knowing.
    You killed me by breaking my heart.
    I still love you.
    I'll come find you, for that im getting revenge.