• is it over yet
    can the words just flow
    because id like to know
    why i only write for you
    now dont get me wrong
    im just tired of these love songs
    so can i get this over with
    just break my heart
    so i can move on
    sure i wish i could speak to you
    and not tremble after your already gone
    before you i was a girl
    whod make fun of me for falling this hard
    i never believed in love
    and i cant say i do now
    but now i wish i couldn't see
    so i wouldn't know
    that your not here with me
    im so tired
    and i can't sleep
    you may think im strange
    but i still think you are kind
    i cant see
    im so tired
    and i cant think
    and i cant breathe
    and i can lie to myself
    but never to you
    what did you do
    to make me fall for you
    and please tell me why im bleeding