• Fear is death, yet death is life
    Man’s a boy and his wife
    Are you yourself, or another?
    Fire on land or seas of water
    You are a mirror, seen by none
    In the eyes of ignorance son
    A ghost of others seen by man
    Sleep of color on barren sand
    Dead you are, like words of old
    When sky’s above turn’s fire cold
    Hello mirror man, how are you
    When they come, what will you do?
    They have words, can’t you hear
    You, yourself, your greatest fear
    I’m no mirror man, can’t you see
    All that’s hear is simply me
    Who am I, I cannot say
    It’s up to you to choose today
    Don’t let others choose your soul
    I don’t want you inside a hole
    Dead like the past, long forgotten
    With bones of man long since rotten
    Shatter your mirror, become yourself
    Walk a path of greatest wealth
    Away with you mirror man
    What is left for you to stand?
    Oh a sight before my eyes
    Now a lord, so kind and wise