• Lift up thine eyes and see what I see
    Harken to the winds and hear as I do
    Sing his sad song I bide thee
    and praise his name with the few.

    For over the darkness he presides
    and from the darkness he will rise.
    As prophets told time and time again
    your virtues will be punished, not thy sins

    Pray for the rising in the east
    the light that we all must seek
    for if this sun refuses to rise
    and should this darkness never die
    then forced will you be to praise his name
    he who prays on evil and commands the same.

    Praise, praise and lift high his name
    should you wish to keep sane
    for if the sun refuses to rise
    and thus break it's eternal ties
    then doomed are we to praise his name
    he who feed on evil, and commands the same.

    So priase his name, with the few
    and sing his sad song I bade thee
    Harken unto the wind as I do
    Lift up thine eyes and see as I see

    For as long as the black bell tolls the notes of destiny
    then he will consume all that resides in thee
    and if the sunhides from sight
    then forever will last this eternal night.

    //Eternal Night, Blackbell and White Chime