• Letting the gold splash across his Canvas,
    I see the pain etched like bronze on your face.
    This is not the way to the Wedding...
    No, no, I lost my way.

    He is a god made from Love and Lillies,
    His perfume is a musk saturating your pores,
    His walk is a gait that penetrates your space,
    The atmosphere shudders as his mind turns to you.

    Obvious obsession,
    I see you both dancing the Lovers Twirl;
    What what once was mine is flashing on your face,
    Who once was mine is holding you now.
    I don't have the power to fall to my knees,
    So instead I lay down and hope for sleep
    Because he is the Song perpetually repeating in my mind...
    And now I understand the tears the artists cry.