• One colds summer day.......there was a duuuuuuude. (Imma duuuuuuude)
    That duuuuuuude was bored. Real bored. (Im reaaaaaaaaal bored too)
    So he got a bottle. (With no drink?)
    He got a pen.....(This is probably no good for me or my
    And HE GOT PAPER!!!.............and then....he......sang. (He seriously did?)
    Imma send a note in a bottle out too sea! (Ooooooo Kaaaaaaay?)
    I really hope it comes back too me! (Probably wont)
    On my little note I told everybody to write their own message! (Ill give it a go)
    And to throw another note in a bottle out someWHEEEEEEEERE! (Maybe I will)
    Pretty soon every gaian girl and boy, who had some fish,an aquarium and maybe a good toy, were throwin message bottles all over the place! (DUCK!)
    They come too us by a spash in the face! (That sucks)
    And the very best message! (the VERY VERY BEST!)
    Got pretty sweet prize! (Really?)
    After that bottle were like Cheetos! (Free gold dude)
    You couldnt stop at just one! (Said FREE GOLD)
    And if U really want some fun! (I want some fun)
    Copy and paste this in a bottle or two! (Sure why not)
    And be sure too sing aloooooooooooooong! (OR NOT!)
    BY Crimson Rebel Ghost <----DONT DELETE MEEEEEE! (I wont)