• I am αբяαı๔...
    I'm αբяαı๔ to put my guard down...
    I'm αբяαı๔ that if you know all that I am, and tell you how I feel, you won't feel tђє ѕαmε...

    There is a place where the spirits dwell,
    where there the facts can lie,
    but faits are true,
    a place where the sun shines,
    and the moon glows,
    where the birds fly,
    and the wind blows,

    The perfect place,
    where there is but one mistake,
    there is no imperfection but the perfection itself,
    this must be the place where the spirits dwell,
    none are at all pure,
    for that is a fact for sure,
    when the moon doesn't glow,
    and the sun doesn't shine,
    people fall off that very thin line,
    the line of life and death,
    between heaven and hell,
    where the stars never shimmer,
    and the lights become dimmer

    This is a place I fear,
    a valley of tears,
    where the hope is gone,
    immpossible to move on,
    where the dreams are shattered,
    and nothing ever matters,
    there are no rights,
    all is wrong,
    but we can't fight fights,
    we can't even run

    What once was a dream,
    is now the worst of nightmares,
    all that once was,
    was all a mirage,
    is there really a perfect dream,
    from which you cannot wake up?
    If that is so,
    I have yet to know,
    why I am always being deceived,
    in and by these horrid dreams,
    if I don't know that much now,
    then I can't make my way out,
    for now all I can do is wait,
    and beleive that I can find another fait

    I'm αբяαı๔ that if you get through my barrier, you'll start making me Լovє կօս, and then you'll just...
    You'll just ωαԼκ αωαկ...
    Լєανιηg мє to drown in a wave of confusion, regret, and sorrow...