• Love Lies Within The Tragedy
    How I Break Myself Apart To Hold On
    A Silver Needle dropping To The Floor
    Bringing Tremors Throughout My Mind

    Wishing Nothing Was Ever Again
    I See My Reflection
    No Worries To Hope, Or To Cry
    On These Wings Of Sacrifice
    Nothing Left But To Fly

    The Feelings Stopped To Flow
    Never Where They Were Suppose To Be
    A Shine Ahead
    Nothing But Instead Screams

    Blood Upon The Cracked Floor
    Holes Too Deep To Fill
    You Will See That Someday
    This Was What It Was Suppose To Be

    Never Seeing The Tears Fall Around
    Eyes Closed To The Darkness Around Me
    Blind To The Stars Above
    Never To Be Opened

    Walking down This Aisle
    Down Deeper To The Burning Fear
    I Cannot Escape
    Jealously Creeping Upon My Smile

    No Words To Express
    No Lies To Repress
    Feeling No Moments
    Nothing Is Passing Me By

    Falling Deeper I Shall Not Cry
    No Alarming Moment
    No Crying Fear
    Falling Down Deeper I Cannot Hear

    No Movements To Tell A Story
    These Lies Escape My Fear
    A Step Back I Cannot Take
    Please Take My Fear

    Every Little Thing
    I Will Not Say
    There Is No Point Anymore
    To See It Upon Your Face

    To See The Death
    Glance At The Pain
    No One Can Fear
    The Tragedy Takes Us Deeper..