• Hidden inside
    lost to the world
    thinking to myself
    there must be something more
    than a siren screeching
    in the dead of night
    chasing some guy
    deciding to break the law
    to feed his children,
    his new born son,
    and dying wife

    There has to be more than
    kids sitting in classrooms
    unable to speak their mind
    or think for themselves
    because they aren't
    "mature" enough.
    I've seen the people that punish them
    and they're twice as bad as the kids.

    There has to be more
    I think to myself
    and beg it to be true.
    There has to be
    that place over the rainbow
    where Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz says
    the blue birds fly.
    But how do we get there?

    A siren screams
    down my street
    louder than me
    as I cover my head with the pillows
    and scream to the darkness.
    It hurts to feel so much,
    what I wouldn't give
    for someone to love me
    hold me close
    and pry the gun
    out of my hand
    for I long to die.