• Bye For Now

    This isn't a statement
    This isn't an atonement
    This is an opinion
    Created by a follower; a minion
    This isn't a belief
    This isn't meant to cause any grief
    This is a deathwish
    Asking for more would just be selfish
    I'd like a smoke before I go
    Light it for me while I prepare for the final blow
    This isn't a declaration
    This isn't some method of self-salvation
    This is my resignation
    I refuse to put up with anymore
    Life with you is such a bore
    This isn't what you expected
    You falsely assumed I wouldn't be defective
    This is just another variation of agony
    This is just another result of misery
    I'd like to say bye for now
    I'll make my own exit somehow
    I hope I don't have to see you again
    If I do, goodbye until then
    Today might be the day I die
    Do I even need a reason why
    The end result will be a tragic affair
    I'm sick of this burden to bear
    Speak to the carpenter; he's making a coffin my size
    You and I can share a horrific demise
    I'm sure he'll make you one too
    There's no need for this facade to continue