• What beautiful water that floats around me.
    Sends me sinking into a deep part of me.

    sings to my soul and makes me see the wonders in life.
    that...things die

    but not for bad..for good

    water sworms around me golden rainbow fish. Sharks..seewead.
    warm sunlight streams in beams into the water.

    a soft musical lulaby like bubbles sounds in echoes around us.

    us..as in me and the life that surrounds this ocean of wonder.

    a hidden treasue of pure light and joy.

    of music and mermaids who sing to me of their ages.

    so much to take in as weightlessness overcomes me

    as soft breathless waves swallow me

    am i drowning? .....no this is to sweet

    heaven isn't underwater.

    but i float up..always up as the plants skim my fingers.

    the fish swim around me cloacking me in sparkles and scales....

    i float up my eyes closed without a care.

    and then i surface realizing what my underwater memory was

    yes i was drowning....

    yes..i want to go back....

    because heaven was under water.