• My son,
    Did you breathe
    When you fell from the moon?

    My lover,
    Did you cry
    When the ground would not accept?

    My brother,
    Were you frightened
    When you saw the others slaughtered?

    My sister,
    Would you die again
    To save another daughter?

    My friend,
    When struck
    Did you scream for the end?

    My mother,
    Did you cry
    When the one you wanted was taken?

    My father,
    Did you lie,
    telling yourself we were forsaken?

    Lost one,
    what of you?

    When you saw the others,
    taken without a choice
    what did you do?

    You had none either.
    But you were wanted,
    Not hunted.

    Take up your sword
    And remember the boon
    As you embark on your quest
    To return to the blue Moon.