• Its the end
    All the ways are closed
    And im in a place that
    Taking me away from you
    There is nothing in my hands to do
    Im weak and i cant just go through
    Im trying realy hard
    But im 2 weak
    Every tear falling from my eyes
    Calling you
    My heart will be closed
    Till u can come close
    Hugz over hugz
    And you will be the big thing for me
    You are waiting and im waiting
    But can we get through
    Or we just lying on our selvies
    And i cant come back to you
    And ill lose myself in that place alone
    Can we meet again?
    Or its just the end?
    Its the end of our young dream
    There is no place to go
    But i wont give up
    Ill try and try to find you
    You have to remember
    That i loved you
    And i will loveyou till my last sec in my life
    Till the end of the way
    That will take all the day
    Ill wait till the day
    That i can take you away
    And to feel the joy
    And to enjoy
    To get through the hard way