• Why do I care about you
    Even though you hurt me?
    Why do I feel this pain
    When I'm not around you?
    Every time I get lost in your eyes
    You say you don't care for me
    But you offer
    Someone that isn't you
    So why do my tears fall
    As I cry myself to sleep
    In knowledge that you'll never be the one
    But right here in my heart you'll always be number one
    I know I need you in my life
    That's the only way I can move on

    Can't you see that I need you?
    Can't you see that your the only one?
    Why don't you believe
    That we're meant to be
    Even though I know you care
    You act like I'm not there
    Let me try to be with you
    Your my match
    Your the one whose in my heart
    Give our love a chance
    To relight the flame in our hearts
    Can't you believe
    That we are meant to be?
    I love you so much
    And I miss you as much
    So don't be trying to leave me behind
    I promise you I'm the same as always
    I'm still the same

    What makes me different
    From before this changed?
    What makes me think that your the only one for me?
    It's your warm love before
    That made me this way
    Your warm smile that made me feel this way
    It's your positive attitude that gets me through my day
    And makes me smile everyday
    But now I can't smile
    'Cause your not here
    Not here to make my day
    Not to make me smile in every way
    So where is the true you now?
    Where has it gone?
    Because I won't take your offer
    Of the one that isn't you

    Why won't you give up
    I need you to be mine my love
    Your the only one for me this time
    In my life
    I need you so
    I can't let you go
    'Cause without you I don't know how to survive
    This feeling I'm feeling inside
    I promise you I haven't changed at all
    I am the same.