• Seasons change but my heart stays true
    Darling, I thought you should know that I've always loved you
    I face a starless sky each night.. I'm alone
    I'll never see a star in the sky.. Or so I'm told
    Seasons change once more and my heart is cold
    Snowflakes fall to the ground
    (Not nearly as pure as you.. Or so I've heard)
    I want those clouds to come crashing down
    I toss balls of snow at your window
    I see you with him..
    Darling, you've left me in a state of disbelief
    Dear lady misery, tighten your grasp upon me
    Smother me in the snow
    You know I want to freeze in these negative fahrenheit degrees
    Although it's not that hard to believe that all this time you were incognito
    Our story is so cliché in every way
    A broken heart torn to pieces on a winter day
    Oh, but I've also heard suicide is all the rage
    Dying is a metronome
    Sorrow is turning retro and I bet you didn't know
    I'm merely following a fashioned trend
    Just as winter will soon end
    So will I and so you will you
    Because, dear, others are bound to mimic what I'll do
    Can you see the irony in this situation
    I've no real tragedy to justify my decision
    Look up satire's definition
    I've no real need to die today
    After all, a winter death is so damn cliché
    Seasons change and darling, I'm over you...