• Words are spoken
    Hollow spells form lies
    Bonds are forged to fickle forms
    A touch of crimson, a rush of peach

    The mirrors of their souls
    Reflect false images
    Hands grip one-another
    For reasons misconstrued

    Compassion is shared,
    With devious undertones
    Greed and lust take hold
    As hands slip from the wheel

    Numbness consumes and desires are filled
    Sensation, redefined as a parody is formed
    New feelings replace the old
    No one noticed the shift

    That which was profane
    Now, is common and accepted
    The life line once so sacred
    Now, an organ, red and simple

    Stars and light
    Elation and ecstasy
    Things and People that bring these
    All tools in the main goal

    Surely the change in the weather
    Is just a rain drop in the ocean
    But this, is an elegy for all hearts
    This is the death of love