• Crisp autumn morning
    Birds migrating away
    Crunching of leaves
    And the cold ice to come

    Dying trees
    Frost like crystals
    Clouds like old cotton
    Sweet air of snow

    Falling, falling like the softest rain
    Chilling the bones as hard as metal
    I look out the window at the cream and licorice sky
    Blowing down like leaves a special snowflake falls

    Faster but softly it falls
    Falls, to the powdered ground
    I watch from the sill and watch as it gracefully dances
    Soon to go, I get up and go to my peaceful slumber in hopes to see the snowflakes again

    Sun shinning ever so brightly
    Waking up so grogerly and rudely
    Moaning and groaning not wanting to stop sleeping
    Getting out slowly, and then remembering the silent snowflake

    Running to the door not a bother to put on something warm
    Flinging the door out and stepping down the snow covered ground
    I hurried to the window sill and saw no snow
    Sad and glum I looked up at the sky, as the dun came down in rays

    The ground was wet with slush
    I cried and snow the everlasting snowflake being melted away
    Soaking my knees and pants I knelt down beside the snowflake
    Warm rays of the flooding sun were put upon the flake
    Wet tears of mine flow from my eyes

    Melting the snowflake more
    At last I saw it drip and drip
    The everlasting snowflake was no more