• January 21, 2009

    Throughout my life you seemed like a good guy
    It never occurred to me that you would die
    We grew up together
    Thought we’d be friends forever
    You were so young
    Your life had yet to begin
    That night what were you thinking
    That led my heart sinking
    The pause of time knowing that you’re gone
    When does the silence end?
    Or does it keep repeating on
    I can’t feel anything, any hurt or pain
    And it’s all beginning to make me insane
    The cold dark morning, my last goodbye
    Everyone standing in black shrouded cloaks
    Staring at the coffin all with pinkeye
    A deep droning voice utters a prayer
    Sweeping the crushing truth
    A taste sweet and bitter
    Final tears leak out from eyes
    As the crowd starts to wish their goodbyes
    I miss you
    But this is the end
    And I walk away into the morning’s hue
    Beginning my life anew