• Love hath no mercy,
    Only the hatred spawned from its gentle embrace.
    Then why do we insist upon it?
    We do not.
    Man holds no respect towards the poetic verse of love,
    Only towards the sex and lies spread by false leaders.
    Love hath no form-
    It can deliver itself into thine heart,
    It hath the form of pain and sorrow for ost,
    Those who refuse to use the knowledge they carry.
    Dost thou have any argument?
    I did not think so.
    This only shows,
    Nay- PROVES
    What little respect man carries.
    They do not crave love.
    Only pleasure brought forth in physical embodiment,
    Which they then spread around in a slanderous callumny of written and spoken words.
    Love hath no mercy or remorse for them.
    Only thine swift, keen blade,
    Which cuts to depths thou shalt never perceive.
    Hence a lesson shall bve learned and passed among ears of man-
    Love hath no patience.
    Enjoy it, take pleasure in the mental embrace it hath brought.
    And savor the feeling,
    That which shalt not cease.