• Before you came around
    things seemed to move slow pace
    but now that your in town
    thats deffinatly not the case.
    Remember those movies we saw,
    on those exciting saturday nights
    and as if its a law
    the lovers had their rights.
    So kiss me in the rain
    make this our blockbuster romance
    make everything insane
    and offer your hand for a dance
    Just kiss me in the rain

    Now its time for the intermission,
    where i run away
    Now its your mission
    to try to make everything ok
    but search and roam
    you wont be able to find
    and im no where near home
    and all thats left is a note i sighned
    On and old intersection
    somewhere between here and there
    that is where i run
    and its very rare
    that engine failure caused me to stop
    and allow you to find your way back to me
    and you say: