• "Blackbird, blackbird
    flap your wings,
    What sad news are you to bring?

    Forever locked up in the tower,
    in the darkness you do cower;
    forever stuck within this curse.

    Nothing more can be worse.
    Forever stuck as a bird as black as night;
    you give those around you quite a fright!

    You once were human
    and once did wrong.
    Now forever you are cursed to be a crow

    There will be things you'll never know.
    Only during the day can you leave the tower,
    then at night when the moon rises high you are to take that lonely
    flight as the bird as black as night.

    Can this curse be broken?
    Is there any will to fight?
    Only if you can find someone to fly with you no matter what;
    whether you are crow or not!

    Then you will be free from this curse,
    but there are things that could be worse..."