• Humanity is sin.
    We try to mold
    to re-create,
    to perfect,
    and end itwhen it's in ruin.
    Nothing is perfect to us.
    Everything has to be better.

    We pick and pick,
    at any one thing,
    until it's perfected,
    or they're's nothing left at all.
    No one thing can be great how it is.
    It has to be how we want it to be,
    how we think it should be.
    It can't be itself.
    It can't be beautiful in it's own way.

    We try to fix,
    things that aren't broken.
    We try to perfect,
    things that are perfect.
    We are throwing
    our lives away,
    by judging things
    that we have no right to judge.

    So save yourself,
    save the world,
    save humanity,
    by just saying,
    "There's nothing wrong with that."