• I feel you hit me,
    Yet I stood with you,
    I hear your shouts,
    I had no clue.

    I hurt at your words,
    At the sound of your voice,
    You never cared about me,
    Yet how could I have a choice.

    I loved you so much,
    It cut me deep,
    Now all I can do,
    Is fall down and weep.

    You ripped me apart,
    You killed me slowly,
    You took my best part,
    And stole it from me.

    Now as I stand here,
    And watch your pain,
    All I can say honey,
    This is all just a game.

    I left you alone,
    So I could heal,
    Now you say you need me,
    At my feet you kneel.

    Well I don't need you,
    I'm done being a mourner,
    I've found someone knew,
    So go cry in your corner.