• Somewhere,
    Over the gray clouds,
    Lies a hidden city,
    Full of rainbows.

    That's what she told me
    Before she left.
    I don't think I believe her.

    If, beyond the clouds,
    Lies a beautiful city,
    Then why can I not visit her?
    She's left me, and she won't return.

    Ah! The Lies!
    White they may be,
    But Lies they are still!

    I wish to join her,
    But I simply can't,
    No one will tell me how.
    They say I'm 'Not yet ready'.

    How do they know?
    How many of their lies have I swallowed?
    What difference does it make?...

    In the end,
    I'm still alone.
    In the end,
    Momma lied to me...