• I sit at my desk
    Watching the minute hand tick my time away
    Slowly like the speed of a frail grandma
    I pick up the dull pencil
    Ready to fill my page with the knowledge I have acquired
    But my mind is the same as my page…blank
    I forgot what I was going to write!
    Panicking as if I’m burning
    Trying to soothe the searing pain
    I try to scrape the most inner depths of my brain
    To find even the tiniest inkling of information
    Resisting the sweet temptation of lingering eyes
    And imitating answers
    I try to remember the knowledge I thought was so idiotic
    Nothing comes to my mind
    I quickly glance at the ink laden sheet on my neighbors desk
    As I’m trying to interpret the hand writing as cold shadow falls on me
    I feel tiny, such as an ant with the teachers eyes being the magnifying glass which is burning a hole in my back
    I try not to look back, not to give him the satisfaction of victory
    I fail
    The teacher wisks away the paper quick as the blink of an eye
    My classmates stare and a few laugh
    I feel alone, a stranger in a barren land of no understanding
    He rips the paper
    The sound makes my teeth grind and the hair on the back of my neck shiver
    Holding back the salty waters behind my eyes
    Trying not to break my stone set façade
    I look down at my desk
    Waiting till the bell rings
    Breathing a sigh of relief
    That is till my tormentor calls me back into the classroom