• Her life was a game, that ended too quickly.
    Her heart was his game piece and he moved it all swiftly.
    She was too blinded by the lies he fed her.
    And he was proud, because he had more girls then ever.
    She saw it once, and didn’t wanna believe
    He thought she hadn’t noticed, he was relieved
    She saw it again, now she was peeved
    He told her he was playing, a game, nothing more.
    She simply told him she was tired and sore, she wanted his love never more.
    ‘’It was just a game, I was just fooling around’’ he pleaded and cried
    ‘’I love you and no one but you, only you’’
    Now this is time were my friend and I were breaking in
    We found her in the corner, against a wall her chin in her knees
    And a gun to her chest sobbing horribly, not taking a rest
    She dropped the gun, and clung to me, explaining the story
    That stopped her from being history.
    ‘’Well you see, when my love and I got in a fight,
    I thought it was all over, I lost my right, the right and will to live.
    I just wanted to die, and I was ready to kill. So I went in my moms room,
    And opened the drawer, where I knew my mother always hid the gun before.
    I started to panic as I noticed the bullets weren’t there, I shuffled through everything.
    Kitchen drawers, closets, doors, everyone where I thought she might have had it.
    I couldn’t find those darn bullets, so I sat here and cried, and cried and cried.
    And now you two are here, and I still wanna die, but I guess its not my time,
    As I have tried so many times and failed, I guess I’ll continue to walk this earth,
    And pretend to be not so frail. I dream of death, I really do, but I don’t think, I could do
    That to Dara, Matty, or you, honestly
    Then she sobbed in my shoulder, and I could think of nothing to do other then hold her.
    Now you all see, this is the story, about a tragedy, that could be,
    Because a boy played with her heart
    And her ‘game’ could have ended because of
    Cheaters doing their part
    This girl still lives this day
    And I’ll keep living
    To make sure her her heart is never played with as a game.