• I will remain your shield.
    Your bullet-proof vest.
    Your sorrow and pain.
    Your tears and scars.
    Your fears and doubts.
    The bearer of pain,the harborer of hope...sheilded it shall be.
    I will surely heal your heart, never will we be apart.
    The scolding past that just had will be held like a water's well.
    The pain that came is a one way track I won't let it stick like a thumbtack.
    The chains of pain that hold tight on you.With my heart you with get through.
    The holes that deeply pin you down, the ones that truly make you frown.
    Day by day the pain you feel I will surely make it less real.
    I will carry your chains for you...the pain that seems to hold you.
    I will hold the weight on my shoulders...the ones that feel like iron boulders.
    For you the pain will fade...I will end this painful charade.
    For you I will feel your pain...it will be my own personal gain.
    The pain you feel will slowly fade....because I will end this misfitted charade.
    Your fears and doubts will soon be joy.
    Your sorrow and pain will soon be laughs.
    Your tears and scars will be history.
    But the future is a mystery...but I will remain your shield.
    All for you..in this violet love....