• Little Rag Doll

    Little rag doll that has lost her way, why are you down when the moon has come to play?
    Have you been abandoned by your little boy or girl or have you just lost your
    way to the home you've made?

    Little rag doll, dressed for the cold, what makes you walk when others can not?
    Do you walk because the hate in your heart for being alone, has given you the strength
    stand on your own?

    Little rag doll, with a hole in your heart, why do you carry a such harsh looking knife?
    Do you plan to take revenge on the world for your lonely soul or is it
    just decoration for your grim looking cloths?

    Little rag doll, with such a cold soul, why does that ghost follow you when others fill not?
    Is he the only friend you have left in this world or is it just that he finds love from you that others can not?

    Little rag doll, sad to the bone, you come with me, I'll give you home.
    I'll warm your soul up and make you feel needed that your little ghost friend will even see it. I'll show you there are people in this world that will love you for you

    ....and nothing more.