• Jack
    By Fate Ryku

    It's the night before Halloween, so recline and sit back.
    I'm going to tell the story
    Of a man named 'Jack'

    Jack was always a prankster, but he wasn't what he seems,
    For you see what he thought was fun,
    Made most other people scream.

    He was always told to grow up, and was shunned by all his peers.
    For he thought it was funny
    To dress up like their fears.

    Now he wasn't to be mean, no, he hated to be cruel,
    He just loved to cause mischief,
    And be a little ghoul.

    Jack was always having fun, eating candy and being a rue.
    For what's the point of living,
    If you can't act out little too?

    So one day Jack was sitting, in his pumpkin patch at rest
    Watching the colors of October's sky,
    As the sun disappeared to the west.

    Then out of the ground, a figure did rise!
    He stared down at Jack,
    Right in his frightened eyes!

    "W-who are you?", Scampered Jack to the ghastly stranger.
    "I'm The Pumpkin King" He announced,
    "And for you, I have a wager."

    "I've seen your schemes Jack, I know your brand of fun.
    And as we both know,
    It's not shared by everyone.

    For being fun and spooky, it warms my rotting heart
    I've chosen you to wear my crown,
    And I think it's time you start."

    The Pumpkin King placed his hand on Jack, and Jack began to change.
    He transformed into something spooky,
    He transformed into something strange!

    A jagged grin he now had, his eyes an orange-ish glow,
    His face held pumpkin features,
    He was terrifying from head to toe!

    Jack was given a mirror, when all was finished and done.
    He glanced in the mirror smiling and said,
    "Oooo, what fun,"

    Jack then stood quite giddy, engrossed in his new look.
    That's when a new scheme filled his mind,
    And his idea began to cook.

    "Bottling things up" He said, "can't be good for your health,
    So I propose that for just one day
    Everybody can be themselves.

    "And on this night!" he then exclaimed, "All can be at their worst!
    And what better of a night than tonight?
    On October Thirty-first?!"

    He carved horrid faces into pumpkins, and made them burn bright!
    Call forth his ghouls and minions
    To fill the shadows of the night.

    He flew across the cryptic town, and screamed out to the street,
    "Happy Halloween to you all!
    Now it's time to 'Trick or Treat!'"