• his rich caramel eyes glisten,
    with beauty and hunger,
    while he stands above me,
    smirking, iridescent fangs
    catching the light entering through
    the open window.

    he looks down, gazing upon
    my slender frame laying across
    the red velvet divan,
    my black silk gown flowing
    over the edge.

    my love walks closer
    and as my heart races
    i see the thirst in him growing,
    hesitantly he kneels beside me,
    i do what i shouldnt,
    and tilt my jaw back allowing him to kill me.

    unable to resist,
    he plunges his fangs into my neck
    and i feel the blood drain from me,
    he pulls back, my crimson blood
    dripping from his lips and plunging to the stone floor.

    he staggers away,
    horrified at what he has done,
    but, as my eyes flutter open
    shock crosses his face,
    as he realizes his true love
    has been transformed,
    into the same flawless prowling creature of the night as he.