• Whenever I see you
    My heart melts away
    You still hold on
    To my soft heart
    I must do what it takes
    To Overcome this pain
    You did nothing for me
    Except screw me over
    Causing me lots of pain
    Time and time again
    Now I must get you out
    Out of my broken heart
    I will move on to others
    Find myself better then you
    As I watch your life
    Become darker by the year
    As you get bitten by karma
    Always treated like s**t
    Because you threw me away
    The one who treats you right
    Respects you as a person
    Not like an object
    Only used for one thing
    Then thrown away for better
    As they think nothing
    About you as a person
    Good-Bye for good
    Have a Karma filled life