• What gives peopel the right to dream, create and hope?
    What gives people the right to whine, moan and complain?
    What gives people the right to make fools of themselves again and again?
    What gives me the right to post my work and hope you'll read with kind eyes?
    What gives me the right to create an avi and hope it's not shouted down?
    Each time I try a few approve,
    But more often than not they don't.
    Are they jealous, are they professional critics?
    Or are they obligated to use the word NUBE as an insult,
    Because they are under a contract of some type?

    When did this word become an insult?
    Hell, when did it even become a word?
    Did this happen when Pluto was demoted?
    Or when the mighty Brontosaurus was wiped from the Earth?

    In my many years on earth,
    My mistakes, my trials, my goofs,
    No one ever used the word nube.
    Idiot, dummy, just to name a few,
    Some insults unprintable for this forum.
    But never Nube.

    Have I mispelled it, probably.
    And that fact will be pointed out, ad nauseum.
    But thank the Lord for the small of brains,
    The narrow minded, the eviscerators of others' dreams.
    Without you lot, the word nube would grow old,
    And covered with dust, would wither and die.
    Or maybe be buried, under a ton of earth,
    For some future alien race to discover,
    And wonder about, and hopefully rebury without a word.