• The sun beats down on a crowded field
    while trumpets blare and angers build
    As bloodlust spreads thoughout the men
    the commander yells, "On the count of TEN"
    As three is passed, an arrow flies
    Our leader is dead by the counting of five
    War cries are screamed, all plans are lost
    Soldiers break free, forgetting the cost
    Cavalries charge with infantry in tow
    Arrows rise up and drop those below
    Swords are unsheathed in search of warm flesh
    to rip and to stab, to cut and to slash
    Our armies clash with the fury of death
    as men on both sides take in their last breath
    When the confusion is over and the survivors have fled
    I walk in the chaos through paths of the dead
    body after body, my eyes move to and fro
    sadness starts to creep throughout my broken bones
    The gore crows are here enjoying their meal
    filling their bellies, it feels so unreal
    I look down at a pond, stained red with blood spilt
    a man gazes up, chest pierced to sword's hilt
    I stare down at my reflection with disbelieving eyes
    As the ground and sky resound with a dead man's unheard cries