• When I see you, my heart fills up with joy,
    and when I can't see you, pain fills up the space.
    Your bright eyes, your nice little smile,
    it pains me to keep my true feelings inside.
    But I pretend that we're just friends,
    so that you won't be troubled,
    because it breaks my heart when you are.
    I do everything out of kindness,
    in hopes that one day maybe you'll see,
    that I love you, sweet boy.
    To feel your friendly hug and see your eyes aglitter,
    the joy is undescribable!
    But for now I whisper
    in your ear, "Friend, I'm glad you're here."
    And tonight, when I'm in bed, and I am wishing that my beloved was with me,
    I will remember the hopes and dreams
    of the love that cannot be.