• She stares
    into the
    cracked mirror
    as the tears
    streak down
    her pale, pale cheeks.
    They flow
    in bloody rivers
    that threaten
    to never stop.
    The tears,
    they realease
    all of the sorrow,
    all of the grief
    she has held in
    for so, so long.
    The agonizing days
    would pass
    without sympathy
    for the poor,
    misunderstood girl.
    So, as she stood,
    face to face
    with herself
    in that mirror,
    she sees
    who she truly is.
    She sees
    everything she has tried
    to keep held in.
    All of the memories
    flow back to her
    and she realizes
    just how much
    this cracked mirror
    is so like her heart.
    Broken, used,
    misunderstood and abandoned.
    Will she ever live
    to see
    the glorious light?
    Then one day,
    someone comes along.
    This person unserstands
    just how it feels
    to be so misinterpreted,
    never really given
    the advice
    craved by their minds,
    and the knowledge
    they need.
    He helps her to see the light.
    But as the days go on,
    her parents,
    the people who
    just don't know,
    begin to tear away
    the happiness,
    the glory of being known,
    understood, and
    not descrimintaed--
    it was soon
    to be gone.
    They were tearing it away,
    bit by little bit,
    and soon,
    she will be
    nothing again.
    So she clings
    to the little peices
    of her happiness
    and her heart,
    and collects
    as many
    as she can find,
    so she can put herself
    back together again,
    and hopefully,
    oh, so hopefully,
    he will stay,
    let her see
    the beautiful light,
    and be happy
    once more.