• -Dark

    If I was a box.

    My latch would be unlocked,
    my contents easily seen.
    Releasing passion and love,
    and brilliance so keen.

    But a small box is in the corner,
    covered in dust, rust, and spikes.
    Evil to the eye of the soul,
    and emanating dark, dark lights.

    Latch locked hard.
    Nobody can break,
    that one latch,

    to the evils of me.

    But they ripped it out,
    and I broke down.
    I allowed it to open,
    and seized Death's crown.

    Anger beyond perception,
    Passion beyond Anger,
    and Hated beyond ones reach.

    Anger burns like fire,
    Sickness screams like wind.
    Passion flows like water,
    Judgment like a rock on those who have sinned.

    My red eyes glow,
    and my knife is let out.
    All of my body tenses,
    and I let out a shout.

    Those who opened the box,
    now are just stains on the wall.
    I laugh as they die,
    I smile as they bal.

    The Anger in me,
    is let out to see,
    all that now could be,

    a potential victim.

    "All bark and no bite"?
    The phrase might kill you tonight.

    Don't touch the latch,
    and just hold your breath.
    For if you try to open Pandora's box,
    you will claim your own death.