• Together at last,
    Or maybe not,
    Life is a mind game,
    Can't stop thinking about you,
    We've been through a lot,
    After saying that i feel that way too,
    As if im traveling through a maze,
    Never knowing if I'll gain,
    Something from this,
    Yet hope leads me the right way,
    A connection I've never felt,
    With him or anyone else,
    With you,
    There is nothing to hide,
    My favorite part is your smile,
    It beckons me closer,
    Day by day,
    Perhaps it is the right thing,
    You and I together,
    Its got a nice ring,
    I never pick up the phone,
    Faster than when I see your name,
    Now it is quite clear to me,
    This is more than just a game.