• I saw one night before,
    The blazing lights of hell
    I walked ahead blinded,
    To the rhythmic sounds of a bell

    I paused for only a moment,
    I stopped to look about
    A pair of eyes appeared,
    Then followed by a snout

    He looked upon me fondly,
    With eyes ablaze in lust
    I stepped back from him,
    I could feel fear rise within my bust

    His grin split his face,
    Jagged teeth sneering back at me
    His voice slithered out in a growl,
    "Do you fear what you see?"

    I could not reply,
    What could I say?
    'Yes, I fear you sir';
    'But please allow me to run away?'

    He stepped nearer to me,
    His breath warm and stale
    His clawed hand wrapped about my waist,
    And drew a line down my back with a clawed nail

    I closed my eyes and whimpered,
    My heart thundered in my chest
    I felt him release me quickly,
    I fell into a soft cradling nest

    My snapped open quickly,
    I looked about in shock
    Had I dreamed it all?
    Had I not just been in hell's dock?

    From down the hall I heard her,
    I heard grandmother's call
    "Red, are you all right?"
    "Sorry, grandma, just had a little fall!"

    I laid back down upon my mattress,
    My arm draped over my face
    A wolf of my dreams haunted me,
    He made my heart race

    I rolled over and sighed,
    Erasing it from my head
    I closed my eyes for the second time,
    And fell back to sleep upon my bed.