• Yesterday was the day you awakened from years of slumber.

    Unaware of your current state.

    Stiff and paralyzed, eyes darting from side to side.

    Powers sealed long ago in a wooden-glassed eyed-puppet.

    Screaming silently, unable to form the words.

    I stand shocked that you've awakened after only 1,000 years.

    Your eyes showing the hate for me and what I have done to you.

    Fires burning children screaming lives are ending.

    That was the day long ago that I sealed you away.

    Never to be released again, soul captured in a wooden-glass eyed-puppet.

    I stand in front of your cage silver key in hand.

    Your eyes glow clear showing your past joys of power and destruction.

    Fires burning children screaming lives are ending.

    Today is the day you rule the world once more.

    Unchained to your puppet form.

    I lay silent to sleep for 1000 years.

    While you bring destruction and pain.

    World has ended!